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The Museum of Innocence, created by Orhan Pamuk, is a small museum of Istanbul made up of carefully assembled installations which describes the memories and meanings associated with the objects from daily life described in the author’s eponymous novel. Pamuk conceived of the novel and the museum simultaneously from the very beginning, in the 1990s. The novel was published in 2008, while the museum opened in 2012. The Museum Of Innocence is both the museum of a fiction, and a little museum of “Istanbul Life” in the second half of the 20th century. A view of the floor of the Museum of Innocence. The sequence of boxes begins on the far wall across the stairwell with Box 2, “The Sanzelize Boutique,” and continues chapter by chapter along the wall at right. Visible in the image are Box 68, “4,213 Cigarette Stubs” (on the rear wall of the entrance hall on the floor below), and Box 73, “Füsun’s Driver’s License” (at the top of the stairs on the museum’s floor).



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